[SciPy-Dev] Electronics student with programming background - Like to participate in SciPy - Write some code and learn!

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Tue Jan 22 14:18:09 CST 2013

On Tue, Jan 22, 2013 at 2:26 PM, Daniel Smith <smith.daniel.br@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am also looking for ways to contribute to Scipy. I have experience
> with Python, C/C++ and limited experience with the Numpy C API. In
> particular, I have some code implementing the kernel density estimator
> bandwidth selection algorithm from the following paper:
> Z. I. Botev, J. F. Grotowski, and D. P. Kroese. Kernel density
> estimation via diffusion. The Annals of Statistics, 38(5):2916–2957,
> 2010.
> That method is more resilient to multi-modal data than the standard
> plug-in estimators. I would love to add that method to the current
> SciPy stats package if there is interest.

Looks interesting, either for scipy.stats or statsmodels.
statsmodels has now kde with least-squares cross-validation among
other bandwidth choices.

However, there is nothing to improve boundary effects or that has
adaptive bandwidth choice.

Which programming language did you write it in?

and out of curiosity: Do you know how well the estimator behaves in
smaller samples, 200 or 500. The paper seems to consider sample size
of 1000 as small. (very fast skimming of article)


> Thanks,
> Daniel
>> Hi,
>> I am Surya, studying Junior Year - Electronics & Communication Engineering
>> with Computer Science/ Programming background. I have looked into SciPy and
>> its really amazing!
>> In this regard, I would like to explore the possibility of contributing to
>> this project by writing code and simultaneously learn the real engineering
>> stuff. My skills lie in Python, Django, C - and little Facebook API, Cloud
>> platforms (Openshift), Git.
>> Also, I wrote some fun-stuff projects during week ends which you might like
>> to take a look.
>> 1. Https://apps.facebook.com/pingmee -- Lets people ping their friends
>> using cartoons (Python, Django -- PIL)
>> 2. Https://apps.facebook.com/suryaphotography -- social reader framework
>> for my photography blog; Not yet finished (Python, Django -- Google Feed
>> API) - Got to finish if time permits
>> 3. Https://github.com/ksurya -- Github handle
>> So, I am ready to take up any work and get along with it that involves
>> Python!
>> Regarding my scientific skills, I studied Engineering Mathematics, Digital
>> Signal Processing (now studying), Signals & Systems etc. [ More on signals ]
>> Thanks for reading! waiting for your reply
>> -- Surya
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