[SciPy-Dev] Like to participate in scipy.signals

Surya Kasturi suryak@ieee....
Wed Jan 23 09:50:58 CST 2013

Hi David,

I am Surya, Electronics Engineering Student with CS background. I see that
you are one of the
Scipy.Signals for which I am thinking to contribute some code (in Python)!

As I am a newcomer to Opensource development and writing production level
code, I am wondering if you could help me a bit in starting things out
initially. Currently I am not really having any new ideas to pick up and
deliver modules.. So, I am very open to pick up any assigned tasks or start
with small stuff!

Also, I have gone through some bugs in Signals module (#980 #928). However,
as I am fairly new to the whole system, it would be great if you can
provide some tips/ pointers etc for starting off. (Please let me know if
there is any other interesting stuff I can do)

Regarding my skills and interests: I know Python, Django, C. Interested in
Signal Processing - Image Processing , Web dev.

-- I was asked by couple of guys to check up respective leads for help

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