[SciPy-Dev] The New Scipy Central Home page

Surya Kasturi suryak@ieee....
Wed Jan 30 08:48:13 CST 2013


As discussed before, I want to start my first contribution to SciPy by make
Scipy Central new design.

So, my idea is to make the site look "clean and simple".

However, lots of things needed to be done, I just want to share this small


The whole point of sharing at this early is that I need some suggestions
regarding some major design-changes in the code.

1. Remove "Tag cloud" from its current position and place on the background
of "Heading: Scipy Central"

2. Submit Code, Submit Lib files, Submit Link.. part, I don't want to
comment on it now. May be we don't need to change but can change some
design! However, we can as well put them on on nav-bar

Fundamentally, I want to hear some suggestions regarding these things..

Hope you like the page. Also, What about the "color". Is black okay? How
about regular "scipy blue"? Not sure? Need some suggestion on it?
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