[SciPy-Dev] The New Scipy Central Home page

Andreas Hilboll lists@hilboll...
Thu Jan 31 08:27:42 CST 2013

> Any updates? 
> Please let me know how it is? what could be added? (Firstly whether you
> like it to put as scipy-central home page)

I think the convention on this list is to bottom-post.

Well, so far it doesn't look like finished. I guess everyone is waiting
for you to just continue, and basically show some more final result.

If you ask me, I would want categories and/or tags on the front page,
and the recently updated / most viewed / top contributors could go into
a side panel. Also there should be some slogan / text telling the
visitor on which kind of website she is. Like it is now, I wouldn't know
where I am and leave again. Also, I personally don't like the black in
combination with the quite light blue of the logo.

This is just my 2 cents. As someone said earlier, I think the best way
for you is to just proceed and ask the list about your results, not
about any single step you want to take. Just go ahead :)

Cheers, Andreas.

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