[SciPy-Dev] using sqlite for storing submissions

Andreas Hilboll lists@hilboll...
Mon Jul 15 10:46:42 CDT 2013

On 15.07.2013 17:39, Surya Kasturi wrote:
> Hi all,
> [idea]
> Right now we are using Hg for storing submissions inside static root..Is
> not totally good on a cloud platform with limited resources..its not
> fast too (takes lot of server load)
> I rather would like to use SQLite separately for storing submissions (I
> agree that using Postgre SQL for it is expensive on cloud)..
> What do you guys say?
> we dont have to provide all revisions as a Hg repo when downloading..
> people can employ some tools to compare if they want...

I disagree. Using SQLite in a production server environment causes
nothing but pain (at least to my experience). I would assume using some
DVCS for storing revisions should be the most natural way to do so, and
I would hope that there's some webapp libraries availble to show diff's
etc, though I don't have any direct experience with this.

Oh, and I personally don't see the need to have spyce running on a
"cloud platform" (depending on what you mean by that, of course). If you
have one single server, then you don't need all the
distributed-whatsoever and can concentrate on having everything on one

Just my 2ct.

-- Andreas.

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