[SciPy-Dev] Version 0.12.1? And some newcomer questions

Juan Luis Cano juanlu001@gmail....
Wed Jul 24 04:05:55 CDT 2013

I would like to know if there are any plans to release a bugfix version 
of SciPy 0.12. I've been working with scipy.signal lately and I've 
stumbled upon some of the bugs that have been fixed on master in April 
and May since 0.12.0. But in a more general sense, I don't know if there 
is a roadmap to backport some bugfixes to maintenance/0.12.x (or if 
there is help needed?) because there is no hint in the issues milestones.

I've just submitted my first code contribution to SciPy and as a 
newcomer (also willing to make some more) I was looking for this kind of 
information: workflow, guidelines, roadmap, future plans... And I have 
to say that it is scarce. For example, I was looking for the best way to 
work with SciPy source code and I ended up doing this:

1. Created a virtualenv
2. Cloned scipy git repo
3. Added `import setuptools` in setup.py
4. Sourced the virtualenv and run `python setup.py develop`

this was the easiest way I found to run the tests while coding and not 
having to reinstall the whole thing every time I changed a file or try 
some tricky imports from the source directory. But I am sure there is a 
much better way (and I wonder what other SciPy devs do?).

Thanks in advance, best regards,

Juan Luis Cano

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