[SciPy-Dev] Version 0.12.1? And some newcomer questions

Pauli Virtanen pav@iki...
Wed Jul 24 10:14:41 CDT 2013

24.07.2013 16:55, Juan Luis Cano kirjoitti:
> Speaking of which, it seems there have been some changes in the SciPy
> hacking guide. For example, in v0.12.0 "python setupegg.py develop"
> appears (which apparently is exactly what I did) but it is removed in
> master. It is not recommended anymore?

The issue with `develop` is that it modifies the default Python 
environment, and moreover uses the setuptools install mechanism that 
overrides PYTHONPATH. These can cause annoyance, so I felt it was best 
to not explicitly recommend it.

The in-place build and setting PYTHONPATH provides the same convenience, 
but does not alter the default Python environment.

> Maybe this information should have more important and be also present on
> the NumPy dev guide (or merge / unify both?), other than that and apart
> from clarifying why "setupegg.py develop" does not appear anymore I
> cannot think of any further improvements.

Ok, I moved the recommended development setup instructions to a more 
prominent place in HACKING.

Some reorganization with the Numpy dev documentation could be useful. 
Some streamlining of the latter could also be necessary --- the 
instructions for how to contribute via patches is probably more hassle 
for everyone than just directly using Github.

Pauli Virtanen

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