[SciPy-Dev] listing support/sponsoring on scipy.org

Ralf Gommers ralf.gommers@gmail....
Sun Jun 9 11:00:21 CDT 2013


SciPy and related projects have received a significant amount of support
over the years from various sources. Imho it would be a good idea to
acknowledge that support on scipy.org. I've looked at a bunch of project
websites to see if/how they do this, and most projects don't do this.
IPython is the exception, it has a listing at the bottom of its front page.
Most do ask for donations though, which we also don't do on scipy.org. I'll
get back to that topic soon - once the NumFOCUS fiscal sponsorship model
has stabilized.

Regarding support I'd like to propose adding a new page "Support" to the
top part of scipy.org (the ecosystem not the library part). This can list
support given to multiple projects as well as to the SciPy library. I'd
like to list both substantial financial contributions (above say $5000?)
and significant other support (things like Github / Travis CI / Intel MKL


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