[SciPy-Dev] New test errors in sparse

Blake Griffith blake.a.griffith@gmail....
Wed Jun 12 23:46:48 CDT 2013

Hello SciPy, I was investigating why my recent PR failed to pass travis,
and it looks like a bunch of tests errors appeared in sparse. I get:

FAILED (KNOWNFAIL=27, SKIP=169, errors=50)

All of these seem to be in sparse, some are depreciation warnings, like:

DeprecationWarning: Implicitly casting between incompatible kinds. In a
future numpy release, this will raise an error. Use casting="unsafe" if
this is intentional.

and the others are TypeErrors:

TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for *: 'numpy.float64' and 'long'

This is on NumPy & SciPy master. I was worried that I caused this mess, but
when I revert to before my most recent PR was excepted I get the same

$ git checkout 7d0a8c044387141426a61e103e78b03a87a5a07e

$ ./setupy.py install


>> scipy.test()


FAILED (KNOWNFAIL=23, SKIP=169, errors=34)

Here all the depreciation warnings are gone, but the TypeErrors are still
there. So the DepreciationWarnings are from my changes to the sparse test
suite. These seem to be from a recent NumPy commit:

commit d4b4ff038d536500e4bfd16f164d88a1a99f5ac3
Merge: d0f5050 e2dd429
Author: Charles Harris <charlesr.harris@gmail.com>
Date:   Tue Jun 11 15:50:25 2013 -0700

    as raising a DeprecationWarning on import causes an error when tests are
    run. To deal with that, a ModuleDeprecationWarning class is added to
    numpy and NoseTester is modified to ignore that warning during testing.

    Closes #2905

I can submit a fix for the tests that are now raising a DepreciationWarning.

But I can't figure out where the TypeError popped up. Or what is causing
it. Some help here would be appreciated.

I'll submit this as an issue too, asap.
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