[SciPy-Dev] Matrices format

Grégoire Pichon gpichon@enseirb...
Mon Jun 24 14:14:52 CDT 2013


I am working on a software using different matrices formats and i use scipy
in order to compare my results.
I succeed in using the matrix market format (.mtx) but not the matrix
market format "bis" (.ijv). The first one is for complex matrices although
the second one is for real matrices.
I used scipy.io.mmread() in order to read the matrix but this function
cannot be used to read real matrices. For that, i had to modify the initial
function (in fact, adding 1 to some values).
Do you know any way to read those matrices in Python? Should i share my
extensions of scipy.io?

Yours sincelery

Grégoire Pichon, french student in computer science
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