[SciPy-Dev] Job offers at SciPy

Josh Fox josh@fiveyearitch....
Mon Jun 24 15:53:47 CDT 2013

Pauli suggested making my suggestion about strengthening SciPy on the
scipy-dev list.

 I'd like to offer a web-widget for open source projects from
FiveYearItch.com <http://fiveyearitch.com/>  which helps developers get job
offers that meet their requirements.

See an example at the JUCE project's ecosystem page<http://juce.com/ecosystem>

The goal is to help developers step up to new jobs with their SciPy and
related numerical/scientific computing skills.

Does this make sense? Do you think that developers would like to get job
offers through the SciPy site, or that this would strengthen the SciPy


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