[SciPy-Dev] regarding reputation system and commenting system of spc

Surya Kasturi suryak@ieee....
Mon Jun 24 16:59:01 CDT 2013

Hi all, its been quite some time I have appeared on the list..

Regarding the development progress of scipy central, the follow are the list

1. Rss Feed syndication
2. Design (cleaning up)
3. Commenting system

[2] PR isn't merged yet
[3] under construction --some minor changes still needed. Currently it
supports Restructured Text, Gravatar

The other one I will start this week is "Reputation system".
For this I request you to provide some input regarding the below points or
any if you would like to add further

1. Should we have down-vote? (we are not Q&A site)
2. How to rate Users -- Any scale for providing points
3. Should we have points for comments? and should we have downvote ?
Please do add any other important points I missed

There has been some discussion earlier on scipy-central logo! Currently our
side doesn't take too much space to fit in the scipy-globe (logo) --tried
it but the image was not quite looking attractive at small size!! on the

http://surya-gsoc2013.blogspot.de/2013/06/cleaning-new-design.html you can
find the preview pages of the design here. probably you can suggest some
place to put it in.. or  we don't have to put it..

Also, please let me know how the new design is looking --hope you like it.
https://github.com/ksurya/scipycentral/tree/design is where you can find
the code.

The PR isn't merged and there is some slight chance that preview pages
don't look the same at the end (but its very slight chance.. any changes
might not effect the way it looks)

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