[SciPy-Dev] regarding reputation system and commenting system of spc

Pauli Virtanen pav@iki...
Mon Jun 24 17:21:42 CDT 2013


25.06.2013 00:59, Surya Kasturi kirjoitti:
> 1. Should we have down-vote? (we are not Q&A site)

Regarding scoring, I think this is necessary reading:


We're all for taking a scientific approach, of course :)

So it seems there needs to be a measure of upvotes, and the amount of 
total attention the package is getting.

Keeping track of upvotes vs. page views or download counts would also 
probably do. The problem with page views and downloads is making sure 
robots are filtered out from the data.

> 2. How to rate Users -- Any scale for providing points

I'm not sure voting users is at all necessary.

 > 3. Should we have points for comments? and should we have downvote?

For comments, I think upvotes are enough to determine positive vs. total 
hits. There should also be an option to "flag" content for moderator 
attention (meaning spam/etc).

Pauli Virtanen

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