[SciPy-Dev] linear algebra

Pauli Virtanen pav@iki...
Wed Mar 6 14:39:46 CST 2013


06.03.2013 13:40, luca guzzardi kirjoitti:
> Currently I'm studying some topics in image processing and I writing
> some code for image deblurring. This code is based fast methods for
> solving special linear systems such as circulant matrix or Toeplitz
> matrix or more complicated stuff: I would like to contribute to with
> all these methods.

This sounds interesting --- I think there is room in scipy.linalg for
algorithms for solving additional linear algebra problems, in addition
to the basic LAPACK-provided triangular/banded matrix cases. So I think
these routines would be welcome.

What is your implementation language --- pure Python or some compiled
language (C, Fortran, Cython will all work for us)?

Pauli Virtanen

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