[SciPy-Dev] linear algebra

luca guzzardi lguzzardi@gmail....
Thu Mar 7 13:53:10 CST 2013

I've already wrote a method for circulant matrix and for circulant
blockblock circulant matrix: I've both version in C++ and in Python. Python
version is newer and better commented. I would prefer work with Python even
tough C++ it's fine: I've never used Fortran nor Cython.
If it is fine I'll try to submit this method prior to work on the others to
learn the procedure (honestly I'm going to getting lost!)


06.03.2013 13:40, luca guzzardi kirjoitti:
> Currently I'm studying some topics in image processing and I writing
> some code for image deblurring. This code is based fast methods for
> solving special linear systems such as circulant matrix or Toeplitz
> matrix or more complicated stuff: I would like to contribute to with
> all these methods.

This sounds interesting --- I think there is room in scipy.linalg for
algorithms for solving additional linear algebra problems, in addition
to the basic LAPACK-provided triangular/banded matrix cases. So I think
these routines would be welcome.

What is your implementation language --- pure Python or some compiled
language (C, Fortran, Cython will all work for us)?
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