[SciPy-Dev] scipycentral design complete -- need help in versioning

Surya Kasturi suryak@ieee....
Sun Mar 24 11:34:06 CDT 2013

On Sun, Mar 24, 2013 at 7:46 PM, Pauli Virtanen <pav@iki.fi> wrote:

> Hi Surya & Ralf,
> 24.03.2013 15:24, Surya Kasturi kirjoitti:
> [clip]
> > I didn't knew these standards earlier. Oops. anyways, can you please
> > tell me how to "edit" commit messages in Git?
> I don't think we should spend time on fixing the commit messages before
> merging. I think we can merge your design-1.0 branch as-is, to keep the
> ball rolling (the design looks good to me and seems to work).
> For the future, you can edit your previous commits by using Git's
> interactive rebasing:
>         https://help.github.com/articles/interactive-rebase
> This is also useful for collapsing several commits into one (e.g. you
> make a mistake and fix it in a new commit, and want to include the fix
> in the first commit) and reordering them. I use this basically all the
> time.
> Before using rebase, it's a good idea to know the `git reflog show
> BRANCHNAME' command, that together with `git reset --hard` allows you to
> undo whatever git operations you did.
>     ***
> Some further suggestions on the design:
> - Add a top-bar for navigating between scipy.org, numpy.scipy.org,
>   docs.scipy.org and scipy-central.org
> Well, I created a "quick links" on right side bar.. where these link lie.
This should work. I am looking for a cleaner design. Too many links of top
nav bar will over populate..

> - Maybe there's room for the scipy-central logo?
> I am even thinking of it.. We will do something about it in next PR. what
do you say.. However we still got enough time to give a thought until we
actually push changes to server.

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> Pauli Virtanen
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I updated commit messages. Sending PR NOW.
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