[SciPy-Dev] contributing to scipy.spatial.distance

Michael Yang yangofzeal@gmail....
Sun Sep 1 21:57:18 CDT 2013

hi - I'm new to this development list so please excuse me if I'm not doing
things right (like top-posting or bottom-posting, etc.)

I would like to contribute an additional vector distance function to the
absolutely wonderful scipy.spatial.distance package written by Damian Eads.
 I have a patch for scipy/spatial/distance.py written for scipy version
0.7.1 a while back.

Could someone please advise me on how to incorporate the patch?  I don't
know if the repo is in github or somewhere else.  Also (not to be
self-aggrandizing!) but would it be possible to add my name somewhere to
this file if the patch gets makes it in successfully?

Michael Yang
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