[SciPy-Dev] Quadpack conversion to Fortran

Brian Lee Newsom Brian.Newsom@Colorado....
Sat Sep 7 23:43:59 CDT 2013


My name is Brian Newsom and I am just beginning to use/work on the scipy
library, specifically the quadpack within the integration pack. Because of
the recursion and wrapping methods used now, running nquad (scipy 0.13)
function is slow-the fortran and python are nested in a way that requires
switching back and forth between the two often.  Ideally this inefficiency
could be overcome by translating the main interface (quadpack.py) into
fortran and just having a minimal python wrapper that is not used in the

First off, has anyone attempted (or is currently attempting) this?  Are
there any major difficulties I should be wary of or is this unrealistic for
any reason?  Additionally, I was curious if there are any computational
advantages to using C or Fortran for this purpose within this library,
either is a possibility in the case that one is strongly preferred.

Otherwise, I am sure I will be full of questions in the near future with
specific regards to the building and setup of these files within the scipy

Thank you,
Brian Newsom

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