[SciPy-Dev] tol parameter to minimize_scalar is inconsistent [without HTML this time]

Micky Latowicki micky.latowicki@mobileye....
Wed Sep 11 12:15:04 CDT 2013

[sorry for the HTML in the first try]


I'm a longtime user of scipy and greatly appreciate your work.

I'd like to ask/suggest something about minimize_scalar. It seems to me 
that the tol parameter is relative tolerance when the method is 'brent' 
and absolute tolerance when the method is 'bounded'. Isn't this confusing?

Perhaps this parameter should be deprecated, until both methods can 
support either relative or absolute tolerance? Meanwhile, parameters 
with names such as 'abs_xtol' and 'rel_xtol' can be introduced, and 
invalid combinations of parameters and method would be rejected with a 


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