[SciPy-Dev] 1.0 roadmap: weave

Arnd Baecker arnd.baecker@web...
Thu Sep 26 03:05:50 CDT 2013


thanks for all the replies!

It seems that Constantines approach to transforming weave code
into normal Python C modules would apply also to our
situtation (only weave.inline being used).

Even if the current weave will be split out from scipy
and can be easily used as Pauli pointed out,
at some point one needs to make the transition to Python 3.
If weave is deprecated (even if someone makes the effort
to port it to Python 3), in the long run it seems to make 
more sense to convert the code to either modules or cython.

Of course I do understand the reasons to deprecate weave.
Personally, I only use cython for new code and Numba looks
extremely promising. So surely the question is, whether porting weave is
worth the needed effort (as I said, I have no idea how much work is
necessary for this).

Finally, to answer Roberts question whether I could volunteer
to maintain weave as a separate package:
not sure - maybe with some helping hands (currently I have no clue what 
this would require) it might be possible.
The important aspect is the long term perspective:
How many people would be interested in this and maybe even in a python 3
port and actively use weave also for new code, or
is the general impression, that the more modern tools (cython, ...)
should be used?

Best, Arnd

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