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Author: jarrod.millman
Date: 2008-12-14 04:05:51 -0600 (Sun, 14 Dec 2008)
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improved testing framework release notes

Modified: trunk/doc/release/0.7.0-notes.rst
--- trunk/doc/release/0.7.0-notes.rst	2008-12-14 09:41:08 UTC (rev 5249)
+++ trunk/doc/release/0.7.0-notes.rst	2008-12-14 10:05:51 UTC (rev 5250)
@@ -220,9 +220,19 @@
 Running Tests
-We are moving away from having our own testing framework and are
-adopting `nose <http://code.google.com/p/python-nose/>`__.
+NumPy 1.2 introduced a new testing framework based on `nose 
+<http://code.google.com/p/python-nose/>`__.  Starting with this release SciPy now
+uses the new NumPy test framework as well.  To take advantage of the new testing framework
+requires nose version 0.10 or later.  One major advantage of the new framework is that
+it greatly reduces the difficulty of writing unit tests, which has all ready paid off given
+the rapid increase in tests.  To run the full test suite::
+    >>> import scipy
+    >>> scipy.test('full')
+For more information, please see `The NumPy/SciPy Testing Guide
 Building SciPy

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