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Mon Dec 29 00:04:24 CST 2008

Author: cdavid
Date: 2008-12-29 00:04:19 -0600 (Mon, 29 Dec 2008)
New Revision: 5295

Add python 2.6 notes in the scipy 0.7.0 release notes.

Modified: trunk/doc/release/0.7.0-notes.rst
--- trunk/doc/release/0.7.0-notes.rst	2008-12-27 23:34:08 UTC (rev 5294)
+++ trunk/doc/release/0.7.0-notes.rst	2008-12-29 06:04:19 UTC (rev 5295)
@@ -238,3 +238,20 @@
 Support for NumScons has been added. NumScons is a tentative new
 build system for NumPy/SciPy, using scons at its core.
+Python 2.6 and 3.0
+Python 3.0 is not supported at all: it requires numpy to be ported to python
+3.0, which is a massive effort, since a lot of C code has to be ported. It will
+happen, but not anytime soon.
+The main issue with 2.6 support is numpy. On Unix (including Mac OS X), numpy
+1.2.1 mostly works, with a few caveats. On windows, there are some problems
+related to the compilation process. The upcoming 1.3 version of numpy will fix
+those. Then, because of some python 2.6 bugs, f2py does not work on python 2.6;
+the fixes will also be in the upcoming numpy 1.3.
+The bottom line: if you can avoid it, do not use python 2.6 yet for
+numpy/scipy. If you really need scipy on python 2.6, then it is recommended
+have to build numpy from svn by yourself, and then build scipy.

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