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Author: jarrod.millman
Date: 2008-12-31 01:02:20 -0600 (Wed, 31 Dec 2008)
New Revision: 5306

minor fixes to release notes

Modified: trunk/doc/release/0.7.0-notes.rst
--- trunk/doc/release/0.7.0-notes.rst	2008-12-31 00:37:32 UTC (rev 5305)
+++ trunk/doc/release/0.7.0-notes.rst	2008-12-31 07:02:20 UTC (rev 5306)
@@ -249,12 +249,22 @@
 For more information, please see `The NumPy/SciPy Testing Guide
+We have also greatly improved our test coverage.  There were just over 2,000 unit tests in
+the 0.6.0 release; this release nearly doubles that number with just under 4,000 unit tests.
 Building SciPy
 Support for NumScons has been added. NumScons is a tentative new
-build system for NumPy/SciPy, using scons at its core.
+build system for NumPy/SciPy, using `SCons <http://www.scons.org/>`__ at its core.
+SCons is a next-generation build system meant to replace the venerable ``Make`` with
+the integrated functionality of ``autoconf``/``automake`` and ``ccache``.  Scons is
+written in Python and its configuration files are Python scripts.  NumScons is meant
+to replace NumPy's custom version of ``distutils`` providing more advanced functionality
+such as autoconf, improved fortran support, more tools, and support for
+``numpy.distutils``/``scons`` cooperation.
 Sandbox Removed

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