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Author: jarrod.millman
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adding sep for technology preview proposal

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+Technology Previews for SciPy
+:Author: Jarrod Millman
+:Contact: millman@berkeley.edu
+:Date: 2008-11-03
+Executive summary
+Technology preview code is new code incorporated into the trunk of
+SciPy, but may also appear in a future SciPy release at our option.
+Such code is considered production grade and well-tested, but which
+also has no guarantees of a stable API to enable further improvements
+based on community feedback.
+In this document, I propose that we create a new top-level subpackage
+in ``scipy`` called ``preview``.  The ``scipy.preview`` subpackage
+will mirror ``scipy``.  This subpackage will be part of the official
+releases.  Thus all code included in the technology preview will be
+available to earlier testers and adopters, but clearly marked as under
+very active development with no guareentee of a stable API.
+The ``scipy.preview`` subpackage serves to main needs:
+#. A place to include code that breaks current APIs of code in ``scipy``
+#. A place to develop new packages, modules, classess, and functions
+   that have got a stable API yet.
+Consider the following scenarios.
+For example, the new ``scipy.spatial`` subpackage is all new code that
+is well-tested and fairly high quality.  Since we haven't had the time
+to work out the ideal API and there are many possible use cases that we
+may not have considered, there is a reluctance to freeze the API at this
+time.  With the new ``scipy.preview`` subpackage, we can get more input
+and reach a wider audience by releasing the current code in the next
+Another example would be if we decided that there is a function signature
+that we want to change (e.g., percentileofscore http://codereview.appspot.com/7913).
+In this case, we could put a deprecation warning in ``scipy.stats.percentileofscore``
+and place the new function in ``scipy.preview.stats.percentileofscore``.
+Requirements for inclusion
+Getting code into ``scipy.preview`` would require a high barrier for entry.
+We need to work out the details, but new packages, modules, classes, and
+functions would need to be started in a branch or in another location.  The
+authors would need to propose their code for inclusion into scipy.preview.
+We would have to have some general agreement (or consensus) that we want
+to include this functionality.  We would have to agree in general to the name
+and would require it to follow our style guide and include a reasonable
+amount of tests.
+Requirements for promotion
+For code in ``scipy.preview`` to be promoted requires ....
+ * clear indication to user's what the future of the project holds
+ * clear path for getting code into ``scipy``
+ * lowers the barriers for API changes
+ * clearly distinquishes what is most in flux
+ * hopefully increase frequency of releases
+ * gets new code out faster
+running tests
+``scipy.test('full')`` doesn't run technology preview tests.  To run them would
+require ``scipy.preview.test('full')``.

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