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adding notes from Damian Eads

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+Hierarchical Clustering
+This module adds new hierarchical clustering functionality to the
+cluster package. Its interface is similar to the hierarchical
+clustering functions provided in MATLAB(TM)'s Statistics Toolbox to
+facilitate easier migration to the NumPy/SciPy framework. Linkage
+methods implemented include single, complete, average, weighted,
+centroid, median, and ward. Several functions are provided for
+computing statistics on clusters including inconsistency statistics,
+cophenetic distance, and maximum distance of descendants. The fcluster
+and fclusterdata functions take hierarchical tree clusterings
+generated by these algorithms, cuts the tree, and labels the flat
+clusters. The leaders function finds the root of each flat cluster
+given a hierarchical clustering and labellings of its leaves. Finally, a
+matplotlib extension is provided for plotting dendrograms, which
+may be outputted to postscript or any other supported format.
+Spatial Package
+The new scipy.spatial package provides routines for distance computation
+and kd-tree manipulation.
+Distance Module
+Provides a multitude of common distance functions useful for spatial
+statistics, clustering, and kd-trees. Distance and dissimilarity
+functions provided include Bray-Curtis, Canberra, Chebyshev, City
+Block, Cosine, Dice, Euclidean, Hamming, Jaccard, Kulsinski,
+Mahalanobis, Matching, Minkowski, Rogers-Tanimoto, Russell-Rao,
+Squared Euclidean, Standardized Euclidean, Sokal-Michener,
+Sokal-Sneath, and Yule. Two functions are provided for computing
+distances between collections of vectors: pdist and cdist. pdist
+is similar to the MATLAB(TM) function and computes pairwise distances
+between a collection of vectors. cdist computes distances between
+vectors in two sets of vectors. squareform is useful for converting
+a square distance matrix to a condensed matrix and vice versa.

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