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Author: ptvirtan
Date: 2010-06-07 14:01:34 -0500 (Mon, 07 Jun 2010)
New Revision: 6493

DOC: release: add scipy.special improvements to release notes

Modified: branches/0.8.x/doc/release/0.8.0-notes.rst
--- branches/0.8.x/doc/release/0.8.0-notes.rst	2010-06-07 17:04:45 UTC (rev 6492)
+++ branches/0.8.x/doc/release/0.8.0-notes.rst	2010-06-07 19:01:34 UTC (rev 6493)
@@ -178,7 +178,33 @@
 of this change; for now we suggest using the ``oned_as='row'`` keyword
 argument to `scipy.io.savemat` and friends.
+Faster evaluation of orthogonal polynomials
+Values of orthogonal polynomials can be evaluated with new vectorized functions
+in ``scipy.special``: ``eval_legendre``, ``eval_chebyt``, ``eval_chebyu``,
+``eval_chebyc``, ``eval_chebys``, ``eval_jacobi``, ``eval_laguerre``,
+``eval_genlaguerre``, ``eval_hermite``, ``eval_hermitenorm``,
+``eval_gegenbauer``, ``eval_sh_legendre``, ``eval_sh_chebyt``,
+``eval_sh_chebyu``, ``eval_sh_jacobi``. This is faster than constructing the
+full coefficient representation of the polynomials, which was previously the
+only available way.
+Note that the previous orthogonal polynomial routines will now also invoke this
+feature, when possible.
+Lambert W function
+``scipy.special.lambertw`` can now be used for evaluating the Lambert W
+Improved hypergeometric 2F1 function
+Implementation of ``scipy.special.hyp2f1`` for real parameters was revised.
+The new version should produce accurate values for all real parameters.
 Removed features

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