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#86: Statistics Review: sem
 Reporter:  rkern        |        Owner:  rkern                   
     Type:  review       |       Status:  assigned                
 Priority:  normal       |    Milestone:  Statistics Review Months
Component:  scipy.stats  |      Version:  devel                   
 Severity:  normal       |   Resolution:                          
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Comment (by smoerz):

 Replying to [ticket:86 rkern]:
 > The function {{{sem}}} in file source:trunk/Lib/stats/stats.py needs
 > Please look over the StatisticsReview guidelines and add your comments

 1.) The function is WRONG. It gives the same result as scipy.stats.stderr
 (using N-1 and not N), whereas scipy.stats.tsem uses N and gives the
 correct result.
 It should read (stats.stats.py):

 def stderr(a, axis=0):
     a, axis = _chk_asarray(a, axis)

     return samplestd(a,axis) / sqrt(a.shape[axis])

 the test should be changed to (stats/tests/test_stats.py):

 2.) Docstring is ok.

 The function should be unified with tsem, and maybe renamed/aliased to
 "sampleerr" for consistency with "samplevar" and "samplestd". The unified
 function should have argument "axis" as sem, and arguments "limits" and
 "inclusive" as tsem, and maybe "ignorenans" (functionality similar to
 nanstd). The algorithm should use the std method of numpy, as tsem does.
 This unification should be done also for functions std, samplestd, var,
 samplevar, mean, etc.

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