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#231: A wrapper for ARPACK
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Comment (by aric):

 I have attached a first cut at an ARPACK wrapper.
 It uses Travis' suggestion and follows a style similar
 to interative.py - all you need to provide is a numpy
 array or matrix or other object with a matvec method
 (like the sparse matrices).

 There are at least two glaring defects:

 1) Only "mode1" type eigenproblems are implemented (Ax=wx)
    Generalized eigenproblems (Ax=wMX) and various inverse and shifted
    modes would be a great addition.

 2) There is some issue with the single and double precision non-symmetric
    methods.  Either they give the wrong answer or I don't understand the
    The interface is high style 20th century FORTRAN and I might have made
 an error
    in workspace sizes or the like.  The symmetric and complex solvers seem
    work (some tests are provided).

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