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#231: A wrapper for ARPACK
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Comment (by aric):

 I didn't spend too much time trying to track down the error/issue with
 I agree that the behavior is different depending on whether
 ritz/eigenvectors are
 computed or not.  I get segfaults occasionally but only when I am
 requesting eigenvectors.

 One obvious thing to do would be to make sure the FORTRAN examples work
 I'm mildly allergic to FORTRAN so I didn't attempt that.  <s,d>neupd do
 also call
 plenty of LAPACK routines and I'm using my system (Linux,OSX/fink) LAPACK
 instead of the parts provided with ARPACK.  In fact when I compile in the
 BLAS routines supplied it doesn't work at all (hang).

 I wasn't sure what to do with the solver.  The superlu seemed reasonable.

 Did I take the same approach you did to the interface?
 Could we merge the two efforts and try to get this into the sandbox or
 somewhere where we could work on it?
 I also left a message at scipy-dev:

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