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#342: clean up testing
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 The Scipy testing system needs to be cleaned up and made the more

 First, it isn't easy to find documentation.  The {{{DEVELOPERS.txt}}}
 file states that every Scipy module should contain:
 a directory ``tests/`` that contains files ``test_<name>.py``
 to modules ``xxx/<name>{.py,.so,/}``.  See below for more details.
 But there is nothing more below.  As a start, I migrated the information
 from the old Plone site here:
 http://projects.scipy.org/scipy/scipy/wiki/TestingGuidelines.  I still
 need to finish the migration to reflect the current state of affairs.
 Ultimately, more documentation about testing is needed in the code.

 Second, it seems that after {{{ScipyTest}}} was changed to {{{NumpyTest}}}
 in changeset 2029 there is some confusion about whether to use the new
 name or not:
 Currently the scipy codebase uses both.  For consistency we should only
 use {{{NumpyTest}}}.

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