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#342: clean up testing
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Comment (by jarrod.millman):

 The Numpy testing tools should be cleaned up as well.  First, the
 docstring needs to be updated:

 Also, {{{ScipyTest}}} should be deprecated.  Currently, {{{ScipyTest =
 NumpyTest}}} in {{{numpy/testing/numpytest.py}}}.  Instead we should have
 {{{ScipyTest}}} be a small wrapper, which raises a deprecation warning and
 then calls {{{NumpyTest}}}.  Something like:
 class ScipyTest(NumpyTest):
     def __init__(self, package=None):
         warnings.warn("ScipyTest is now called NumpyTest; please update
 your code",
         NumpyTest.__init__(self, package)

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