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#448: Support Python 2.6
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Comment (by ion):

 Replying to [ticket:448 ion]:
 > Most parts of scipy are usable without it, but searching the module help
 is broken unless this change is made.
 Actually, a bit more would be involved than this: for instance, currently,
 trying to create a scipy.interpolate.BivariateSpline causes a

 <type 'exceptions.TypeError'>: object.__new__() takes no parameters

 That is because Python 2.6 is more strict about this:

 (quoting Misc/NEWS from Python SVN:)
 "- Bug #1683368: The object.__init__() and object.__new__() methods are
    now stricter in rejecting excess arguments.  The only time when
    either allows excess arguments is when it is not overridden and the
    other one is.  For backwards compatibility, when both are
    overridden, it is a deprecation warning (for now; maybe a Py3k
    warning later)
 No useful stacktrace was provided; I haven't managed to locate the exact
 source of this exception yet.

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