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Wed May 2 06:59:45 CDT 2007

#408: Cleaning up fftpack sources
 Reporter:  cdavid         |       Owner:  somebody
     Type:  enhancement    |      Status:  new     
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Component:  scipy.fftpack  |     Version:          
 Severity:  normal         |    Keywords:          
 First patch to clean fftpack sources.

  I've just finished the first part of cleaning fftpack (only zfft for now;
 wanted to get dev feedback before implementing the scheme for everything).
     The patch consists in two part:
        - one part split each implementation out of zfft.c, to put it in
 zfft_name.c files, where name is the name of the backend (mkl, fftw,
 fftw3, etc...). The corresponding files have no #ifdef, etc...
        - the above source files are then used to generate a zfft.c file,
 through a python script. The main reason why I used python to generate the
 file instead of C macro is because I find this solution easier to add
 backend: adding a backend only consists in creating a new zfft_name.c
 file, and adding name to a python list in the python script.  Also, as the
 zfft.c is human readable and do not use new macros, it should be easy to
 read it now.
         - Regenerating the zfft.c file is only necessary when one of the
 backend source is changed, or when a new backend is added.

     Otherwise, it should work exactly as before; any change of behaviour
 with respect to configuring/compiling/running is a bug :)

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