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Mon May 7 12:46:26 CDT 2007

#414: Wrong behaviour of where() function in NumExpr
 Reporter:  ivilata  |       Owner:  cookedm                       
     Type:  defect   |      Status:  new                           
 Priority:  low      |   Milestone:                                
Component:  numexpr  |     Version:                                
 Severity:  normal   |    Keywords:  numexpr where boolean constant
 It seems that Numexpr taking 1 and 0 as boolean by defaul causes some
 trouble with its implementation of `where()`:

 >>> a = numpy.arange(0,5)
 >>> numexpr.evaluate('where(a < 2, 2, 0)')
 array([2, 2, 0, 0, 0])
 >>> numexpr.evaluate('where(a < 2, 1, 0)')
 Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "<stdin>", line 1, in ?
   File "numexpr/compiler.py", line 625, in evaluate
     compiled_ex = _numexpr_cache[numexpr_key] = \
   File "numexpr/compiler.py", line 513, in numexpr
     threeAddrProgram, inputsig, tempsig, constants, input_names = \
   File "numexpr/compiler.py", line 465, in precompile
     ast = typeCompileAst(ast)
   File "numexpr/compiler.py", line 129, in typeCompileAst
     raise NotImplementedError(
 NotImplementedError: couldn't find matching opcode for 'where_bbbb'

 Numexpr turns 1 and 0 into boolean values. `a < 2` is also a boolean
 operation, so the signature of that call should be `where_bbbb` (upcast to
 `where_bfbb` to be consistent with other Numexpr `where` declarations).
 There is no such definition, though, which makes sense since `where(a < 2,
 True, False)` is equivalent to `a < 2`.

 I've worked out attachment:numexpr_where_bfbb.diff to make this work. It
 implements a `where_bfbb` function with the hope that the result will be
 upcast to an integer. A more elegant solution would be to accept True and
 False as boolean constants.

 This has also been debated in [http://www.pytables.org/trac/ticket/56
 PyTables ticket 56]. BTW, the version of Numexpr in !PyTables supports
 boolean constants, though its boolean type is no longer considered an

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