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Wed May 9 23:52:49 CDT 2007

#416: MATRIXC2F transposing the wrong way in optimize.leastsq
 Reporter:  AJennings  |       Owner:  somebody
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 optimize.leastsq is not converging when I use a jacobian function.

 MATRIXC2F is transposing the wrong way.  I'll attach a patch that fixes it
 in jac_multipack_lm_function, but I'm not sure this is the right fix.  It
 looks like jac_multipack_calling_function might have the same problem, in
 which case maybe it's better to fix the definition of MATRIXC2F in
 Lib/optimize/minpack.h.  I guess I would want a test case for hybrj to be

 Lib/integrate/multipack.h and Lib/interpolate/multipack.h also define a
 MATRIXC2F macro.  I have no idea if they need to be looked at as well.

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