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#231: A wrapper for ARPACK
 Reporter:  nils          |        Owner:  somebody
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Comment (by aric):

 Thanks Nils for prompting to do something about the ARPACK wrapper.

 Replying to [comment:17 baxissimo]:
 > Replying to [comment:16 NeilenMarais]:
 > > Well, yes, the extra solvers could be be considered extra features,
 but I think it is important that

 > > B) We can agree that the basic interface is sound.

 Let's take a closer look at the interface, especially as it might
 need to be modified (or other interfaces added) to handle the extra
 features of ARPACK that are currently not implemented.

 > >
 > > A) It is not just in the sandbox
 > I strongly agree about this one.

 If we agree on the interface I'm willing to help shake the sand out
 of the code to get it into the main scipy package.

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