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#531: Freebsd: ImportError: /usr/X11R6/lib/libalapack_r.so.2: Undefined symbol
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Comment (by stieltje):

 Atlas does not give you a complete lapack library.

 From the Atlas ERRATA:

 Building a complete LAPACK library
 ATLAS does not provide a full LAPACK library. However, there is a simple
 way to get ATLAS to provide its faster LAPACK routines to a full LAPACK
 library provided by netlib. First, install lapack from netlib. First,
 download and install the standard LAPACK library from the LAPACK homepage.
 Then when doing the configure step to ATLAS pass the following flag:


 If you need to add full LAPACK after ATLAS has already been built, in your
 BLDdir/lib/ directory (where you should have a liblapack.a), issue the
 following commands:

   mkdir tmp
   cd tmp
   ar x ../liblapack.a
   cp <your LAPACK path & lib> ../liblapack.a
   ar r ../liblapack.a *.o
   cd ..
   rm -rf tmp

 Just linking in ATLAS's liblapack.a first will not get you the best LAPACK
 performance, mainly because LAPACK's untuned ILAENV will be used instead
 of ATLAS's tuned one. So, if you use any LAPACK routine that is not
 provided by ATLAS, it is essential that you create this hybrid
 LAPACK/ATLAS library in order to get the best performance.

 Will try this after recompilation of atlas

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