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Mon Oct 22 13:47:50 CDT 2007

#518: scipy.stats skew and kurtosis return different types
 Reporter:  jdh2358  |       Owner:  somebody
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 The following scrip illustrates the different return types

 import numpy; print numpy.__version__
 import scipy; print scipy.__version__
 import scipy.stats

 a = numpy.arange(100)
 sa = scipy.stats.skew(a)
 ka = scipy.stats.kurtosis(a)
 print "skew return val=%s, type=%s" % (sa, type(sa))
 print "kurtosis val=%s, return type=%s" % (ka, type(ka))

 with output:
 johnh@flag:~> python test.py
 skew return val=0.0, type=<type 'numpy.ndarray'>
 kurtosis val=-1.200240024, return type=<type 'numpy.float64'>

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