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Sun Aug 24 16:47:10 CDT 2008

#727: Proposing 'fast_vectorize' to go in scipy.weave
 Reporter:  ilan         |       Owner:  somebody
     Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new     
 Priority:  normal       |   Milestone:  0.7.0   
Component:  scipy.weave  |     Version:          
 Severity:  normal       |    Keywords:          
 I have implemented, documented and tested a new function
 called 'fast_vectorize'.  This function is intended to be used
 as a decorator, and it's purpose is to easily create Ufunc
 objects for a given python function.  The function translates a
 Python function, actually an RPython (resticted Python) function,
 which is still valid Python, into C using the PyPy translator.
 Therefore this functions has a dependency on pypy.  However, pypy
 is imported in a lazy manner, such that scipy itself will not depend
 on pypy, which is a big project.

 Included in the patch is the core implementation, tests, benchmarks,
 as well as examples.

 I have tested this patch against latest svn numpy trunk (which
 is required for the current scipy trunk), Python2.4 on SuSE Linux
 and Python2.5 on OSX10.4.

 To apply the patch, you need to go change to the scipy root and run patch:
 $ cd scipy
 $ ls
 FORMAT_GUIDELINES.txt  MANIFEST.in      setupegg.py       THANKS.txt
 INSTALL.txt            new_manifest.sh  setup.py          TOCHANGE.txt
 LATEST.txt             README.txt       setupscons.py
 LICENSE.txt            scipy            site.cfg.example
 $ md5sum path_to/fast_vec.diff
 $ patch -p1 < path_to/fast_vec.diff

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