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Fri Aug 29 03:47:46 CDT 2008

#730: support dae solvers, one backend: ddaspk
 Reporter:  bmcage           |       Owner:  somebody                     
     Type:  enhancement      |      Status:  new                          
 Priority:  normal           |   Milestone:                               
Component:  scipy.integrate  |     Version:                               
 Severity:  normal           |    Keywords:  differential algebraic solver
 I created a patch to add support for dae solvers to scipy in the same way
 as ode is supported.

 Patch in attachment. Included:

 scipy/integrate/dae.py : generic class for solvers of G(t,y,y')=0, one
 backend, 'ddaspk'
 scipy/integrate/__init__.py : include dae
 scipy/integrate/setup.py : add ddaspk extension as pyf interface
 scipy/integrate/ode.py : correct wrong help string in documentation
 scipy/integrate/tests/test_dae.py : three standard tests for the dae
 scipy/integrate/ddaspk.pyf : interface to ddaspk
 scipy/integrate/odepack/ddaspk.f : fortran file of netlib, with small
 patch to make callback via f2py work
 scipy/integrate/odepack/dlinpk.f: fortran file of netlib, needed by
 scipy/integrate/odepack/daux.f: fortran file of netlib, needed by ddaspk.f

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