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#620: scipy.stats.distributions.binom.pmf returns incorrect values
 Reporter:  robertbjornson  |        Owner:  josefpktd
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 Priority:  normal          |    Milestone:  0.8      
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 I found a related discussion about the hypergeometric distribution:


 Robert Kern proposed to use gammaln, which seems to work also for the
 binomial very well.

 Accuracy looks pretty good, comparable to using scipy.comb for small
 values (run script below)

 implementing binomial pdf with gammaln

 see: Robert Kerns discussion in

 import numpy as np
 from scipy import special, comb

 def bpmf(k,n, p):
     #this does not work for large n
     return comb(n, k)*(p**k)*((1-p)**(n-k))

 # proposed version using gammaln
 def combinln(n,k):
     return (special.gammaln(n+1) - (special.gammaln(k+1) +

 def bpmfln(k,n, p):
     return np.exp(combinln(n, k) + k*np.log(p) + (n-k)*np.log(1-p))


 print "using gammaln"
 print bpmfln(np.arange(11),10, p)
 print "using comb"
 print bpmf(np.arange(11),10, p)
 print "difference"
 print bpmfln(np.arange(11),10, p)- bpmf(np.arange(11),10, p)

 pmfnln = bpmfln(np.arange(5001),5000, 0.99)
 print 'n = 5000'
 print 'nans', np.sum(np.isnan(pmfnln))
 print 'sum', np.sum(pmfnln)
 print 'sum (repr)', repr(np.sum(pmfnln))


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