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#812: Unifying numpy.linalg and scipy.linalg exceptions for NaN inputs
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 From #800 by tzito


 [...] numpy.linalg.eig raises LinAlgError? if the array contains NaNs?
 (lines 590 and 118 in numpy/linalg/linalg.py), whereas scipy.linalg.eig
 raises ValueError? (line 151 in scipy/linalg/decomp.py).

 I find the scipy behaviour more consistent: scipy.linalg.eig uses the
 numpy function asarray_chkfinite to check that the array does not contain
 NaNs?. numpy.linalg.eig uses an _assertFinite function instead, which is
 defined inside numpy/linalg/linalg.py and which is actually not needed.

 There are three possible fixes:

 1. change numpy.linalg.eig so that it uses asarray_chkfinite instead of

 2. change scipy.linalg.eig so that it uses a to be defined _assertFinite
 function instead of asarray_chkfinite.

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