[Scipy-tickets] [SciPy] #578: ERROR: check_count_blocks (scipy.sparse.tests.test_spfuncs.TestSparseFunctions)

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Wed Jan 9 13:26:26 CST 2008

#578: ERROR: check_count_blocks
 Reporter:  nils          |        Owner:  wnbell 
     Type:  defect        |       Status:  closed 
 Priority:  normal        |    Milestone:  0.7    
Component:  scipy.sparse  |      Version:  devel  
 Severity:  normal        |   Resolution:  wontfix
 Keywords:                |  
Changes (by rkern):

  * status:  assigned => closed
  * resolution:  => wontfix


 Well, if you're running from SVN, you should be reading the mailing list.

 In order to install numpy/scipy using python2.5, just use the python2.5
 executable to build and install them. You may want to clean out the build/
 and dist/ directories before you do so, however.

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