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#738: Illegal Instruction
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Comment (by scholl):

 You are right the sse2 instruction set is selected when building scipy.
 The scipy build uses "-march=pentium-m" instead of something like
 "-march=generic" or "-march=native" (furthermore the scipy build seems to
 ignore the CFLAGS environment variable, which I guess to be the reason why
 the binary package shows the same problem). "-mtune=pentium-m" is for
 centrino processors, which have a sse2 unit, as documentated at

 As far as I can see the problem lies in numpy's distutils implementation,
 which has no case for a Pentium III mobile cpu. More specifically this is
 distutils/fcompiler/gnu.py:250, where the wrong "-march" parameter is
 selected. Applying the attached patch should fix the problem (I am waiting
 for the scipy build to complete).

 BTW, is there a way to specify the cflags on the setup.py command line?

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