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Thu Aug 5 16:20:12 CDT 2010

#1255: faulty logic in spatial.distance.squareform
 Reporter:  muellner       |       Owner:  peridot
     Type:  defect         |      Status:  new    
 Priority:  normal         |   Milestone:  0.8.0  
Component:  scipy.spatial  |     Version:  0.7.0  
 Keywords:                 |  
 The argument parsing in spatial.distance.squareform exhibits a faulty
 logic. Feeding it a 2-dimensional matrix with force='tovector' produces
 the nonsensical error message 'ValueError: The first argument must be one
 or two dimensional array. A 2-dimensional array is not permitted'

 Minimal example:
 import numpy
 from scipy.spatial.distance import squareform
 a = numpy.array([[0,1,2],[1,0,3],[2,3,0]])
 # This is OK:
 b = squareform( a )
 # This is not but it should:
 b = squareform( a, force='tovector' )
 In ticket #859, a reversed but somehow consistent logic was suggested,
 where the meaning of 'tomatrix' and 'tovector' are switched compared to
 the MATLAB behaviour and common sense. The current implementation is
 different however. This is the right logic:
     if force.lower() not in ['no', 'tovector', 'tomatrix']:
         raise ValueError("Bad 'force' parameter.")
     elif len(s) == 1 and force.lower() != 'tovector':
         # Compute X = squareform(v), vector -> matrix
     elif len(s) == 2 and force.lower() != 'tomatrix':
         # Compute v = squareform(X), matrix -> vector
     elif len(s) != 1 and force.lower() == 'tomatrix':
         raise ValueError("Forcing 'tomatrix' but input X is not one-
     elif len(s) != 2 and force.lower() == 'tovector':
         raise ValueError("Forcing 'tovector' but input X is not two-
         # Other cases, i.e. len(s)>2 and force != 'tovector' nor
         raise ValueError('The first argument must be a one- or two-
 dimensional array. A %d-dimensional array is not permitted' % len(s))
 Also note that the current code is missing a .lower() once.

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