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#1262: scipy.stats.maxwell.ppf(0.25)=0?
 Reporter:  pozharski  |       Owner:  somebody
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 Priority:  normal     |   Milestone:  0.9.0   
Component:  Other      |     Version:  0.7.0   
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 The problem is clear from the summary.  I get

 scipy.stats.maxwell.ppf(0.2499999999999999) = 1.1011507176793141

 scipy.stats.maxwell.ppf(0.25) = 0.0

 scipy.stats.maxwell.ppf(0.2500000000000001) = 1.1011507176793145

 I looked in the distributions.py and scipy.stats.maxwell.ppf is calculated
 used scipy.special.gammaincinv, which shows the same behavior of returning
 zero when the argument is exactly 0.25.

 I found this bug report


 which says

 ''This should be fixed in r4171. I use false position to find the root of
 gammainc(a,x)-y=0 for y < 0.25.

 This led me to scipy/special/c_misc/gammaincinv.c which produces the
 artifact.  With y=0.25 you get fhi=0.0 which results in false_position
 returning FSOLVE_NOT_BRACKET and the return value of gammaincinv being set
 to 0.0.

 I guess the remedy would be to change line 28 to this

     if (a <= 0.0 || y <= 0.0 || y >= 0.25) {

 It is also possible that false_position harbors a bug in line 63.  If
 f1*f2==0, shouldn't it return the solution (either left or right side of
 the interval depending on which of f1 and f2 is zero).  It seems that
 gammaincinv/maxwell bug wouldn't exist if false_position were to exhibit
 such (presumably correct) behavior.

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