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Wed Aug 18 14:14:57 CDT 2010

#386: signal.remez doesn't have Hilbert transformer
  Reporter:  kumanna       |       Owner:  charris      
      Type:  enhancement   |      Status:  closed       
  Priority:  normal        |   Milestone:  Unscheduled  
 Component:  scipy.signal  |     Version:  0.5.2        
Resolution:  fixed         |    Keywords:  remez hilbert

Comment(by warren.weckesser):

 dirjud, Chuck: This is great, thanks!  It's nice to see a 3 year old
 ticket closed.

 Chuck, one request:  Please don't use "from numpy.testing import *".
 I'm sure you are aware of all the reasons for not using the "from module
 import *" form of import.  Those reasons apply in test code, too.  I use
 the program "pyflakes" a lot, and I have found bugs in tests with it.
 "from module import *" prevents pyflakes from detecting many potential

 In r6648, I have changed the test to import explicitly the required names.

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