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#809: windows, weave.inline and empty spaces in library paths
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Comment(by ceball):

 Note that there is a Python bug report called "distutils compiler not
 handling spaces in path to output/src files"

 The patch in the Python bug report (when applied to the appropriate
 compiler file, e.g. distutils/cygwincompiler.py) fixes problems where
 Weave is installed into a directory with spaces. Although the patch does
 not yet appear to be part of Python, at least Python(x,y) now installs by
 default into a path without spaces, so the specific problem reported above
 has probably gone away.

 Unfortunately, it is still often necessary to patch weave to get it to
 work on Windows. If a Windows user name includes a space, Weave tries to
 use paths with spaces for its "intermediate" and "compiled" files. I have
 no idea if this is a problem with distutils (not quoting strings
 correctly), or if Weave itself should do something different, but I myself
 hack weave installations on Windows. In catalog.py:

 def whoami():
     """return a string identifying the user."""
     return (os.environ.get("USER") or os.environ.get("USERNAME") or

 Instead I have it return this:

 (os.environ.get("USER") or os.environ.get("USERNAME") or
 "unknown").replace(" ","")

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