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Sat Jul 24 08:22:54 CDT 2010

#1235: scipy.optimize.leastsq MemoryError
 Reporter:  matador                            |       Owner:  somebody
     Type:  defect                             |      Status:  new     
 Priority:  normal                             |   Milestone:  0.9.0   
Component:  scipy.optimize                     |     Version:  0.7.0   
 Keywords:  MemoryError large Jacobian Matrix  |  

Comment(by matador):

 thanks again for your help. I finally solved this issue, but I am not sure
 how. I have the impression that it was related to the use of a numpy.array
 of dtype float32 as the return value of the jacobian. But I must say that
 I didn't checked it. In fact, it turned out that leastsq is not suited to
 my problem (which have too strong local minima where leastsq gets happily
 trapped :D).

 Once again thanks for your answers, and I apologize for not giving more
 accurate hints on the source of the issue as unfortunately I made too many
 changes to my code to track it down.


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