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Fri Mar 26 18:53:21 CDT 2010

#1138: scipy.linalg.decomp.schur error triggered by unrelated scipy.linalg.inv
 Reporter:  cstein06      |       Owner:  somebody
     Type:  defect        |      Status:  new     
 Priority:  normal        |   Milestone:  0.8.0   
Component:  scipy.linalg  |     Version:  0.7.0   
 Keywords:  schur, inv    |  

 I had the weirdest bug in my code yesterday and have been for a long time
 trying to fix it.

 I minimized what happens to the following code, where:
 1)call schur function to a matrix A and it goes well
 2)invert some random unrelated matrix
 3)call schur on the same matrix A, but now with error

 It happens with other matrices too. I'm using numpy 1.3.0, scipy 0.7.1.

 Thank you, I still have no idea how to deal with it.


 ### code begins

 from scipy.linalg.decomp import schur

 # the matrix 'testshura' is described below.
 A = loadtxt('testshura')
 eps = finfo(float).eps.item()
 i = 0+1j
 A = A+eps*eps*i*A

 pf = randn(6,6)

 ### code ends

 ### matrix used as 'A':

 1.000205026940321800e+00 -7.598985000864847600e-04
 1.354417450803546800e-04 -2.834813945974936000e-04
 1.027364241886627300e-03 -1.751132785374812400e-04
 3.130666686080171800e-04 9.988396700866274400e-01 2.068132892990439500e-04
 -4.328629968315468400e-04 1.568737748072513400e-03
 -3.465554450703910700e-05 1.284450533630210700e-04
 9.999771063870075400e-01 4.791663998840244900e-05
 -1.736545799960012900e-04 2.959926148517411600e-05
 9.121991180573567400e-05 -3.380915408046700300e-04
 6.026029565582238400e-05 9.998738743904914700e-01 4.570915187578423100e-04
 -3.176758536835378800e-05 1.177413096810050200e-04
 -2.098581382829571800e-05 4.392359067179063300e-05
 9.998408166204494400e-01 2.713265884217382100e-05
 1.907558426423412900e-04 -7.070050329939212100e-04
 1.260141919459730400e-04 -2.637493990536297400e-04
 9.558535641900891800e-04 9.998370756498984300e-01

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